Edusmart Lab : A Skills Development Laboratory for Students


We have Laboratories for Students to Learn Physics, Chemistry, Biology in schools Some schools also have Language and Maths Laboratory… Law colleges have Moot court…

Have you ever thought of a Lifeskills / Soft Skills laboratory for your students…

Lifeskills / Softskills are the skills mostly used while learning all other academic and non-academic subjects… and hence a student with well developed Lifeskills is more likely to succeed better in academics as well as other fields.

It has been Well known that most Students learn their Best in a Laboratory… when in addition to Audio Visual learning they get hands on experience by using kinesthetic senses like Touch and Feel, Smell and Taste in learning.

Thus in a laboratory Students effectively use all the 5 senses for learning

Presenting EDUSMART LAB: A unique and revolutionary concept for schools to develop Multiple Skills in their students.

EDUSMART LAB is a Skills Development laboratory designed for providing an opportunity to Students.

  • Explore Various Skills
  • Understand them
  • Practice certain activities associated with them  
  • Observe things and Analyze
  • Experience results ( success and failure )  
  • Analyze failure
  • Develop Strategy to overcome failure
  • Face the competition
  • Understand various aspects of any new topic  
  • Get surprised
  • Face surprises
  • Face the changes
  • Face challenges etc.

Edu Walkers has identified/designed and developed over 500 various activities that assist in the development of various skills in students. These activities range from paper pencil activity to various games and tools based activities. Edu Walkers also has procured and customized sets of such activities in ready to use form.

Prominent Benefits of Skills Development course observed in over 5000 students so far

  • Improved Concentration
  • Improved Time span of students in any task undertaken ( for e.g. Study time)
  • Improved ability of Task Completion
  • Clarity of Thoughts
  • Improved Problem Solving Ability

Why do we need SKILLS Development Labs in Schools?

We need these Labs wherein students will come across Board games and activities. This dummy atmosphere creates situations and circumstances where they can practice many things. The Dummy atmosphere encourages them to try out various options to find solutions for Problems, Critical situations, Complex issues - A quality immensely needed in today's complex world. Students get an opportunity to develop their essential Skills and be prepared for Real World ahead. Students get trained in an experiential way to face challenges surprises, situations, circumstances in the Skills Development Lab. Such laboratories prove quite helpful in your efforts to prepare the students to face the world of tomorrow.

How Does the LAB Look like?

This Lab will be set up in a 300 plus Sq. Ft. room in the School. Edu Walkers will help you set up the entire Lab with the seating/learning and Storage facility. Lab comprises of Reusable material which can be used for more than 1000 times and consumable material which is available in every market in India. Students will visit the lab during or after school hours and can spend the time in doing activities in the Lab.

There is a recording system for noting the performance of every student. Certain activities can be captured in camera and the things which can not be kept in the files are handed over to students. Record keeping system requires very small storage.

How does the LAB work

Edu Walkers has designed 50-70 Hour curriculum for every age group. Every student will go through this 50-70 hour curriculum during the Academic year ( 2 periods every week in The LAB and some activities to be done at Home during the week). The EDUSMART trained Teacher/co-ordinator will facilitate the training program which doesn't involve any teaching. The training coordinator will facilitate the usage of activities and will record the observations for every student in a predefined and specified manner.

There will be Quarterly evaluations and corrective actions taken.

When do students do the activities in EDUSMART LAB?

Students can do activities during School hours, after School hours or even in vacations.

How is the Setup Done?

Eduwalkers will Install EDUSMART LAB in your School in the following model:

School Owned School Operated: ( SOSO)

The school will Purchase from Edu Walkers the entire Set Up. Edu Walkers will help install the entire laboratory setup in the Room assigned and provided by the school and Train the designated Teaching staff for conducting the SMART LAB. Edu Walkers will License the School for conducting the activities in the specified school premises for Lifetime.

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