Psychometric Testing

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We at EduWalkers specialize in conducting psychometric tests for aptitude, personality, employability assessment and many other aspects related to personality analysis. Psychometric tests are standard and scientific tests used to measure individuals' abilities and behavior. They are designed to measure among many other aspects , individual’s suitability for a role. The assessment measures personality characteristics and cognitive abilities. Individuals/ Companies may use the information to identify the various aspects of an individual’s personality.

Aptitude Test

Aptitudes are natural talents/ abilities necessary for everyday living. Verbal ability, spatial ability, numeric ability are few of such aptitudes. The test identifies various abilities along with personality assessment.Edu Walkers offers a comprehensive battery of tests. These measured traits are highly stable over a long-term. Students 8th standard and onwards can benefit from the product. The essential answer to career confusions is given by considering one’s natural potential, personality, interest and study habits. If the individual studies a course without the ability the success probabilities are lesser.

  • Psychometric Testing of School Staff as per CBSE Circular
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Personality Assessment
  • Employability Assessment
  • School Adjustment Testing for children
  • Measurement of areas interests in children
  • Cognitive Functioning in Adults

How it works

Step 1: Online registration for psychometric Test

Step 2: Test link will be provided followed by online payment.

Step 3: Login with your credentials through the link and select appropriate option and take test.

Step 4: Identification of your natural talents/abilities & interests through Psychometric analysis will be done. This includes study habits, personality assessment as well

Step 5:  Mapping of available career options with your Abilities & Interests will be done for those seeking career guidance

Step 6: counseling for the selection of career path or for career enhancement or relationship betterment will be provided at office or can be opted online

For Individual aspirants

  • The tests give a proper guideline to select right career path. Helps in selecting a career path based on abilities and interests and not merely interest or educational qualification
  • Build on your strengths and improve your weakness.Tap the Most appropriate work profile for yourself.
  • Scale the career progression path faster than others
  • A thorough understanding of personality helps foster better relationships at Home and at workplace

For Team Leaders, Organizations

  • Scientific and unbiased recruitment support tool.
  • Customized assessments to incorporate Organizational cultural fitments in addition to technical and profile fitment can be done
  • Aspects of Personality which can’t be judged in a face to face interview can be identified by Psychometric assessment
  • Need not meet all applicants. Meet only those who are best fit to your vacant position and save on time and cost to a considerable extent
  • A thorough understanding of personality helps foster better relationships at workplace.
  • Customized test for each and every profile / position / company can be designed

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