Har Ghar Mein Genius ( HGMG)

Har Ghar mein Genius – Multiple Skills Development Programme by Eduwalkers is a Revolutionary learning and development programme that works on building Lifeskills Like Thinking skills, Emotional skills and Social Skills in the Young Generation.

The Programme attempts to overcome limitations of School education and enables learning irrespective of language or academic performance. With over 500 Puzzles, Board Games, paper activities and other indoor/outdoor activities and over 100 Social and Emotional developmental activities identified/developed with the proven track record over last 7 years we surely can help you develop & build upon Multiple Intelligence and overall development of children Enabling Enriching..Learning Lifeskills.

This Programme brings to you various result oriented Impactful Multiple Skills Development activities for Kids in the age group 4-14 years. These services are being provided in various states across India.

HGMG is based on some very important premises.

  • Every Child is Unique- Every Child is Genius
  • Opening up all the possibilities to them is important rather than feeding them with what to do
  • Children Learn on their own. We don’t need to teach always. We need to patiently facilitate their learning.

Har Ghar Mein Genius : is  brought to you through  an innovative Model wherein a Home Based Multiple Skills Development Laboratory in your neighbourhood provides various Lifeskills development opportunities to the Kids through trained facilitators.

The Facilitators are enterprising and caring Mothers who provide the perfect ecosystem that encourages effective Learning. These Facilitators Known as Lifeskills Advisors are continuously trained and Groomed by a Panel of experienced Experts in the respective Domains to hand hold the children in their Journey of life.



Har Ghar Mein Genius (HGMG)

HGMG is a Multiple Skills development Programme for Kids in age group of 4 to 13 years.

Participants have an opportunity and exposure to 500 plus thinking skills development activities like various puzzles, board games, and specially developed activities.

100 plus proven and effective value based social and emotional development activities fostering holistic value based yet practical thinking essential for day to day life.

No teaching involved. Only minimal and reasonable guidance instructions giving full freedom to the inherent abilities in every child.

Age Groups

Conducted in 2 different Age groups.
1. Junior Group ( Jr. Kg to Std 2)
2. Senior Group ( Std 3 to Std 7)


• A Batch of 10 students
• 2 sessions of 1.5 hrs each every week
• One level of 40 sessions spread over 6 months
• 10 Levels of excellence progression
• Monthly 1.5 hour parents get together of each batch to express / share / exchange ideas solutions
• Expert counselors available to Parents for guidance

Every Child is a GENIUS

The Basic premise of this programme is that EVERY CHILD IS A GENIUS. It’s only a matter of identifying and encouraging the best strengths of the child. Intelligence is multifaceted and multiple intelligences are important for development of any personality. “Multiple Intelligence” refers to different intellectual abilities where the individual has different ways of processing the information in the approach to learning, and according to a renounced psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner all these elements exist in us but in a varying degree.

“How to Think” VS. “What to Think”

All children are genius in their own way but identifying and nurturing their multiple intelligence in childhood is of utmost importance, especially during the growth years as it influences their thinking and learning abilities. While there is need to improve the weakness but more importantly the strength areas need to be focused more in order to develop relevant skills that will eventually lead to excellence in the field leading to success and happiness. Providing an environment that encourages and enables various Thinking ways and perspectives is more important than teaching what to think. “How to Think” is more important than “What to Think”.

Allowed to make mistakes but not feel guilty

Unconventional, non traditional ways of thinking need to be respected more since such thinking triggers Innovation. Too Much focus on Information and knowledge in a time restricted learning environment limits the development of Wisdom i.e the ability to use the knowledge. Youngsters need a non judgmental environment that encourages freedom of thinking, creativity and freedom to make mistakes, fail repeatedly and not feel guilty about the same. An environment that will not tell them what to think but enable their thinking to make an appropriate choice.


The complete focus of the program is on learning through experiencing various activities in a engaging fun way. The basic premise being children learn: They need not always be taught.
HGMG attempts to create a safe, encouraging and innovative learning environment for each child without the limitations of formal rote education and without fear of judgment. HGMG Gives an opportunity to each child to identify his/ her personality strengths and weaknesses and provides development opportunity with full freedom. The program helps shift the paradigm from ‘Chalk-Talk-Stick’ to ‘Observe-Play-Learn’ mode.

  • Parents get clear information about strengths and weaknesses of their child, which helps them in understanding their child in better manner. Understanding of interest & capability of child further helps in planning activities for them which really interest them & contribute in the development of weak areas.
  • Improves attention span and concentration in children.
  • Improves rational, logical and analytical thinking.
  • Improves creative and innovative / out of the box thinking.
  • Development of practical thinking aspects like facing the failure, digesting success , applying knowledge in practical sense.
  • Keeps kids away from electronic gadgets.
  • Children understand and absorb various values and learn to navigate through day to day life with a value based approach.
  • Various difficulty levels in the activities cater the need of intellectual food as well as maintain & enhance the confidence of the child.
  • Activities help develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination mental skills and social skills.
  • Parenting sessions bring in enthusiasm & clarity to parents & encourage Quality time with children. Parents get likeminded parenting community to bond with and learn and share with them. Provides benefit of community parenting to kids.
  • Improves communication skills, Interpersonal skills, deeply bonded friendships in children.
  • Consistent positive environment and practicing positivity develops a positive attitude.

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