Parenting Support and Counselling Services

Well, at the outset many of us tend to ignore that we may need inputs or support in our parenting Journey and Role… High Respect for Joint family culture , the Enlightenment due to values and principles that the unique Indian Family System taught us is fast eroding with such Joint family culture almost getting extinct in Urban Indian Towns and upcountry as well … hence the Parenting Support Role that the other family members were playing along with parents is no more available in its correct sense..

In our busy schedule, it is getting harder to connect with children and cater to their various emotional , intellectual and physical needs .

Edu Walkers Positive Parenting services for parents come in handy in this situation .. In addition to helping the parents in Positive and impactful grooming of their Kids we also help parents deal with behavioral and emotional problems in children.

The services help parents learn more positive ways to think about and act on behavior, communication, goals and styles of parenting. Often Parents react when children cross the boundaries of the rules set by parents ! As parents we criticise, complain, compare as per our thinking but the need of today’s generation is way beyond our thinking and so most of our strategies fail.

Parents approach is either nurturing the seeds of anger, resentment, hatred, rebellion or the seeds of love, compassion, growth – the critical ingredient of your child’s life skills and success.

Edu Walkers “Positive Parenting Services” is all about nurturing those seeds of love, compassion and growth while preparing the child for the Role he has to play in the society as a responsible Adult Citizen...

Edu Walkers focuses on effective parenting strategies, promoting child's development and managing behavioral issues. Parents are guided on road to build up on their child's talent and potential. We concentrate on positive approaches to discipline, setting limits and boundaries & strategies to enhance the parent child relationship.

Edu Walkers offers the following services for parents:

  • Positive Parenting Workshop
  • Positive Parenting Seminar
  • Counseling for Parents and kids

Our Counseling Services:

In today’s modern times, children are bombarded with technical advances & exposed to many things. Mobiles, Laptops & TV screens become their true friend especially in nuclear family. Most of the families want to give (fortunately they can) best schooling, clothes, food, toys to the child but lack qualitative time & healthy communication. Hence, invariably demand & supply is easy for the child.Parents need to understand the root of problem. Most of the time there is none; small things turn into big issues. To avoid this, timely advice is very essential. At times children need time; at times they need Space, at times a Confidant to open up with Counselors.


  • Do's & Dont's of parenting
  • Handling emotional issues in children
  • Avoiding trigger movements
  • Repair the ruptured relation
  • Identifying Multiple Intelligence in your child
  • Rejuvenating self for positive parenting
  • Teaching them self-control
  • Balancing work and family
  • Communication within family
  • De stress your parenting

Services for Whom?

These services are designed for parents of children in various groups

  • Infancy to Childhood ( Age 2 yrs to 5 yrs)
  • Childhood to Teenage ( Age 5 yrs to 12 yrs)
  • Teenage to Adulthood ( Age 12yrs to 18 yrs)
  • Increase acceptance towards each other (Parents & child)
  • Create healthy communication
  • To channelize children’s energy effectively
  • To inculcate good habits, awareness & respect towards family
  • To help them understand their behavioral and emotional issues
  • To help them deal with various addictions of gadgets
  • To de-stress parents, as they are facing various challenges
  • Giving children freedom & space wherever & whenever necessary.
  • To identify unresolved issues at this stage, if any, to avoid further complications which may become an obstacle for the child in future (eg : any type of fear , phobia , lack of confidence, inferiority complex & so on ).
  • Help the child with different exercises (will vary from case to case ) to strengthen positive points & to rectify shortcomings if any.
Dipti Sahasrabudhe
Engineer Pune, July 2017
All 4 sessions are really very informative, Circle of security & DMT are new concepts introduced today. Every session focuses on how to handle children’s behavior, understand it & provide solution by controlling your stress & keep family happy. The sessions helped in understanding children’s behavior is critical manner to interact with them. Also learnt that one should be in right state of mind /De-stressed when with family. Controlling emotions & good bonding with kids was a major takeaway. Many more things thanks a lot “Edu Walkers” for a wonderful workshop.

Jitendra Karnik
Bright Future India Pune, July 2017
Excellent facilitation skills of facilitators. All the sessions were very informative made reflective & interactive. It was a Positive Parenting Workshop but felt it will be effective in every relationship.

Sonali Sonakul
CASP Pune, July 2017
Listening to the child and understanding the child’s emotions, Circle of Security, Dance movement therapies were major takeaways. The workshop guided on how to behave positively with children and understanding the emotions of child is very important, if we want positive changing in our child than we have to make some changes in our life.

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