Suman Singh
Founder Director of Sumantrana Advisory Services Pune, November 2017
I am Suman Singh, Founder Director of Sumantrana Advisory Services, A HR & CSR Consulting Firm. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Mr. Avinash Deshmukh , and Edu Walkers, for using DMIA (Fingerprint analysis) technique for identifying the multiple intelligences and nature strengths and areas of development for an individual. Being an HR professional, I was very curious about the effectiveness of this tool and therefore decided to experience it for myself and my family members. I must say all of us are delighted with the outcome and the accuracy of the report generated. Avinash was the icing on the cake with his balance counseling skills. I strongly recommend Edu walkers and Avinash to all those who would like to get an accurate insight in their natural abilities or areas of development or look for people with desired abilities for identified role in their organization for better career or profession management. I wish Edu walkers and Avinash Deshmukh the very best in their future endeavors.

Atul Sutar
Manager Cipla Pune, Sept 2017
First of all very much thankful to Madam & Avinash Deshmukh Sir for creating/Having such platform for people which is really helpful to identify the skills in our child. It’s definitely scientific way for future guidance to all which will show direction for life. Edu walkers help us to identify those hidden skills; inherent abilities and such will brighten your future. I got clear understanding & views for my future. Be in touch for new concepts & skills development Program. We clearly understood strengths and areas of improvement for our child and also got direction for way forward. Thanks to Edu Walkers!!

Narendra Naukudkar
Engineer Pune, Sept 2017
Thank you so much. I am very much happy, after completing this DMIA test and counseling with Madam. Yes, it is actually trust worthy. We are able to know our strong points and weaknesses .So it is very much easy to choose your career or decide what you want and how you want in your life. Madam has described me each and everything particularly. I am able to understand Career achievement & guidance, strong points. Your service is very good.

Aditi Patkar
Teacher Mumbai, Sept 2017

I am Mrs. Aditi Patkar. I attended the session on 14th September 2017. It was a very good experience. I actually got every minute detail of both of my kids. I was surprised to understand the skills and qualities. So now I can help my kids to improve their careers. It is quite easy for me to guide my children.

Rushikesh Rajkumar Vajirnath
Student Pune, Sept 2017

Respected Avinash Deshmukh Sir, I clearly understood my strengths which are useful in my career. You have guided well about this report on the basis of our career & other things. In short I’m 100% satisfied with you & the report. Thanks!

Rushab Rajkumar Vajirnath
Student Pune, Sept 2017

Respected Avinash Deshmukh Sir, Thank you for explaining my strengths. I am very impressed. I am getting more confident about my career and my life. You are doing a good job!

Tejaswini Rajput
Sept 2017

I understood my child’s strengths and career guidance. It’s a great eye opener for career planning. It is reduction of strain and stress, regarding child’s future. Counseling gives Support to children & comparison with other children is not done.

Shivani Chetan Desai
Student Mumbai, August 2017

Hi, I am Sivani Desai from Bombay .I got to know about Edu walkers through Face book. DMIT was really very useful for me. I got to know how to improve in my personality. Madam was very friendly so I got know many things and also my plus points. Now I can choose a right career as per my personality and inborn talent. I think I will improve on my weak points.

Nimisha A. Malke
Student Nagpur, August 2017

I understood my strengths, weaknesses, my thinking process, learning style and ability. Madam told me how to study and also because of DMIT I got to know overall personality of mine and most important part of my life that is career .I got correct career direction and understood area of interest. Thank you so much.

Shubham Verma
Student Nagpur, June 2017

Thank you Edu walkers for reminding me who I am. I have done this DMIT test and I am fully satisfied with the service & counseling .I had come here with a doubt on my career option, but after this report and counseling on the same, I am clear regarding my career option.i.e. to choose C.A. I recommend all others to opt for this test. Believe me this is value for money every student must opt for this. I am now confirmed about my career .Thanks to Mr. Avinash Deshmukh Sir & Team.

Pooja Vichare
Pune, May 2017

Myself Pooja Rajesh Vichare. I got to know about Edu Walkers DMIA service .I am very thank ful to Edu Walkers for telling me my son’s (Shriniwas Vichare) strength & weaknesses & because of this service I & my husband will make my son’s career better.

Narendra Jadhav
Pune, May 2017

It’s a Path finder. Got to know strengths & weaknesses, which will help in life physically, professionally and mentally. Understood how to improve behavior towards self & others.

Satish Gharpure
Businessman, Pune / September, 2016

I had DMIA analysis done for my son, It was really an eye opener! Brainsmaart is sure way to get to know the configration of any person. I am really experiencing a feeling of containment that now I can take better decion while dealing with my son.
Thanks a lot Avinash Ji !

Madhuri Datar
CA passout in May 2016 / Bibwewadi, Pune

Understanding Oneself is a difficult Task & nearly impossible in some cases, but the DMIA report & counseling session by Eduwalkers helped me affirm opinions about myself & drive away the dark clouds of confusion.
What I needed in Life is just a Direccction & reasonable assurance that what I feel & opine about myself is correct. Having known my inherent abilities through DMIA makes me feel good about myself , rather incredible.
I have not chosen a career that is bringing out best in me , but time has not yet slipped away...
Now I know what I need to work on !
Thank you Avinash Sir !

Mukesh Gujar
Metal Art Furniture / Sadashiv Peth Pune / April, 2016

This is regarding the Brainsmaart 2 day brain development Workshop & DMIA counseling conducted by Mr Avinash Deshmukh. My daughter Gayatri attended this session. It was a life changing experience for her as well as me & my wife.
As Mr Avinash had rightly said that he had opened our daughter’s user manual in front of us , now we can know the reason behind my daughter’s behavior & accordingly we can respond to her in a better & Positive way . This would really help my daughter to concentrate more effectively during her studies.
I really appreciate his services & highly recommend to all to avail his services for their children.
Thank you Avinash & Team Brainsmaart.

CA Shruti Jain
Mad Over Music Academy / Model Colony, Pune / March, 2016

I found the report contents accurate to about 90% with my understanding of my personality. Oversll experience was very satisfactory & I definitely recommend that every individual should do this report & counseling once.

Aruna Dhoble
Sidhi Garderns/ Karve Nagar, Pune / October, 2015

Thank you so much for doing fingerprint analysis report for me. This report has helped me big time, its like getting a pat on my back motivation. As humans we know that we are good at, but due to circumstances/ situations we forget about it. By doing this report I reinvented my likings, strengths & understand myself better.
As I know myself in better way, it helped me reinforce my confidence.

Sandesh Dhoble
Multi-Spice Restaurant / Karve Nagar, Pune / October, 2015

We got fingerprint analysis done for our key staff members, & it helped us to understand core qualities of our staff better. This exercise also helped us to know the strength & weakness of our staff, it highlighted the fact that we have recruited the right personnel for the right job. In hindsight it has regained & reinforced the confidence of all our staff towards our company & further improved the employer employee relationship.

Mohan Deshpande
Electrical Contractor / Karve Nagar, Pune / September, 2015

We underwent the brain mapping session/ DMIA BY Brainsmaart Lifeskills for our daughter Ms Aarna de. Thanks to Avinash Deshmukh that we got to know about our daughter’s behavioral patterns more clearly & very minute details were covered. It will surely help us in providing her with a better environment, better education & better upbringing in developing a positive bond between us & making her journey of life more enjoyable & successful.
I would suggest everyone to take advantage of Brainsmaart Life skills.
Thanking Avinash Deshmukh.

Mahesh Bondre
IT professional / Shukrawar Peth, Pune / January, 2015

We did this Report for all of us in my family . Brainsmaart DMIA counseling is a Great way to know a person. I found the report very accurate with respect to the thinking & behavior patterns & strengths & weaknesses . I got to know the Learning styles , Types & Modes of my daughter as well as myself & my wife. And it was quite in line with what we had observed over a period of time. Overall it was a great experience to go through this exercise with Brainsmaart. Recommended for all.

Ashumati Deshmukh
Teacher / Hadapsar, Pune / September, 2015

The DMIA research is really helpful to shape up smart future of kids. Highly appreciate the Report & counseling by Brainsmaart.

Vidyasagar Kamate
Karnataka / June, 2015

Very Scientific programme & helpful for parents to understand their child.

Riya Chhabda
June, 2016

I am feeling so much confident today after my counselling. Today I know what exactly I am & I know what is the best for me. I can take decision confidently today & this changed my view towards people & life. My counsellor Archana Gandhi, she is the best person I ever met in my life. I have no words to thank her & I even learned from her. She is just amazing & I thank everyone who is behind this program & who really helped me to change. Thank you.

Khushboo Bajaj
June, 2016

I am a kind of person who get much affected from every happenings in my life & I get too much nervous when people wrongly point anywhere in my life & totally confused personality. After the test, I came to know the things which are seriously inborn talent in me & it also helped me out how to deal with my sensitive nature. My counsellor Archana Gandhi is one of the best person in my life & she also helped me out at the topics which are out of the counselling part & I am really thankful to her. I personally suggest you once ask for this test in your entire life & does not matter if you are sure about your choices in life but this thing surely going to make you accurate for your future.

IT professional / Shukrawar Peth, Pune / April, 2016

My son could not score in JEE & we get good options after coming here.

Akshay Shinde
April, 2016

Excellent counselling session & got information on hotel management course.

Amar Naik
Khopoli / April, 2016
Great counsellor to boost confidence & being back the spark regarding career & self betterment. Satisfied & felt good to know the self abilities & various other options.

Bharat Kumar
Lonavala / April, 2016
The team of counsellors in ACS is highly experienced & trained. They know how to approach career problem we have & I got very good inputs that I wanted for my daughter. Though I am from Commerce domain, I could understand all opportunity they explained in science domain. Will strongly recommend.

Veena Sikchi
April, 2016
Very informative. With this I got very nice experience. I refer to some people they were also very happy.

Hrishikesh Kalamkar
April, 2016
It is essential to take guidance from expert in field at right time to build right career. They know the pros & cons of all decisions we take. One must try their services.

Dr. Manoj Kadam
April, 2016
Initially I was feeling neutral through counseling but at the end he proved to be very powerful with his counseling & guidance. Best for career guidance & quite reasonable. He provides end to end service. Thanks Sir!

Shrikant Dave
April, 2016
This was absolutely essential for those who done 12th & confused about further career selection, Counselor here is highly motivating person & his advice is practical & achievable. There is need to interact with such people when we are confused at very important stage of our life i.e. career selection.

Kanishka Mehta
April, 2016
I took ACS services for my daughter who did 12th this year. I got a clear picture about my daughter capabilities, strengths, weaknesses. The career options suggested by the counselor was very appealing & apt. I am satisfied with the session. I also have a clear image in my mind, about my daughter`s future career. They are having good Aptitude Test & DMIT test for true evaluation of potential of students. Great Work!

Ganesh Deshmane
April, 2016
We arranged a career guidance lecture of counsellor sir here & received excellent coverage of all points.

Poonam B
April, 2016
Excellent for admission process counselling, all must opt for services.

Abhishek B
April, 2016
Excellent guidance for 12th students.

Snehal Shinde
April, 2016
On completion of my graduation in E n TC, I was not confident about to go in Core Technical or Management Education. Based on discussion, I could finalize my stream, overall amazing session!

Prekshita Somani
April, 2016
DMIT test conducted here given me clear idea about my learning habits, strength, weak areas etc.
Bhakti Shah Sapke
ISAS International Beauty School, Pune, August 2017
Dear Mr. Avinash Deshmukh. I Mrs. Bhakti Sapke, Founder/Director of ISAS International Beauty School and also proud parent of Jui Sapke and Kartik Sapke would like to thank Edu walkers for acquainting us with the immense potential our kids have and helping us discover a very unique side of theirs. Both of my kids attended Brain Stimulation workshop & it turned out to be very good skill development. I see very good change in them and it has majorly helped my son Kartik to improve its concentration in his any kind of work that he does. Usually he is hyper active child but workshop has added a lot benefit to his behavior and skills. My daughter is getting from better to best in her own ways. Short of words to express how important this is for every parent to discover such a unique quality of child which they already have but is unexplored. Thanks to you and his team for this wonderful and amazing workshop they conducted which is indirectly helping kids in multi ways.I strongly recommended Edu walkers to every parent to give a try once at least and see not only for workshop but also the DMIA test they do which helps in channelizing the future of our child with its own ability. A big thank you once again to Edu Walkers and its team for this wonderful journey we have started with them and shall continue for long year as follow up.

Mukesh Gujar
Metalart Furniture, April 2016
This is regarding the Brain Smart 2 day session conducted by Mr. Avinash Deshmukh. My daughter Gayatri attended this session. It was a life changing experience for her & also for me and my wife. As Mr. Deshmukh had rightly said that he had opened our daughter’s user’s manual in front of us, now we can know the reason behind my daughter’s behavior & accordingly we can respond to her in better & positive way. Thanks for very educative session. This would really help my daughter to concentrate more effectively during her studies. I really appreciate his services & highly recommend you all to avail his services for your children. Thank you Mr. Avinash Deshmukh

Shardul Kulkarni
IT Solutions (India) PVT.LTD Pune, March 2017
Have you ever seen children reading blindfolded or identifying colors, shapes, objects and that too blindfolded? We are one of those lucky parents who have witnessed it with our child Hrishit. This transformation took place in just couple of days under the guidance of Avinash Deshmukh of Edu Walkers. It is unbelievable, but is a real fact. This brain stimulation program by Edu walkers is a great start for stimulating right brain and to train it for better performance in all activities a child does. We are seeing the positive behavioral changes and now hope to have good exam time without any fights! We thank Mr. Avinash Deshmukh and Edu Walkers for this program. His knowledge and the passion towards working with the children for their improvement is amazing. We wish them good luck for the great work they have undertaken for the bright future of the country! Thanks.

Mahesh Bondre
January 2017
Teaching methodology was excellent and kids enjoyed the workshop and learned lot.

Samita Wagh
Nov 2015
My son Vedant Wagh has recently attended 2 day’s workshop conducted by Mr. Avinash Deshmukh .It was very enjoyable .My son got extra knowledge as well as unique experience. I got a chance to attend the parent’s session on 2nd day. I was very satisfied when I saw my son doing some rare exercises which gave me confidence that my son’s future will surely be healthy and secured. I am extremely happy with the sessions conducted by Mr. Avinash Deshmukh and hence I request all the members to take benefit of these sessions conducted by Mr. Avinash Deshmukh for children. I thank Adv. Ajay Wagh for introducing me to such a wonderful person and thereby wishing him all the very best for his future.

Ajay Yadavrao Wagh
Advocate, Nov 2015
My son Atharva has recently attended 2 day’s workshop conducted by Avinash Deshmukh. It was amazing. It was like a magic whereby my son got extra power as well as enjoyed a lot. I got a chance to attend the parent’s session on the 2nd day. I felt very happy when I saw my son doing some exercise which were very unique and mind blowing which generated confidence within me that my son will surely have a bright future and a smart life. I am extremely happy with the sessions conducted by Avinash thereby I appeal all the members to take benefit of the sessions conducted by Avinash for children. Once again thanking to Avinash from the bottom of my heart and praying for a bright future in BNI.

Mr. Nilesh & Mrs. Nilima Gothi
Kothrud, Pune / September, 2016

My Daughter Trupti attended the Brain stimulation workshop in Dec 2015.. Initially we were amazed to see her immediately doing various activities Blindfolded like reading & identifying colours & pictures etc.
We felt that she has gained some special ability of her senses through the brain development programme.. Few Months down the line we were further amazed to see a remarkable improvement in her Responses & behavior.. she has become more balanced emotionally & also improved on her concentration ability & academics.. she seems more calm & stable in her behavior.
Thanks a lot Eduwalkers for this fantastic programme . We definitely recommend this programme to all Kids.

Mr. Deepak Garud
Department of fine Arts -Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune / September, 2016

My Son Kanishk Did the whole Brain stimulation workshop in May 2016 . We were shocked to see him reading & identifying colours & pictures from any book or even the Mobile Phone.
But we were more happy when in couple of months we noticed that he has improved his grasping ability considerably & now he takes much less time to understand / study than earlier. We are further noticing more improvements in him on different fronts.
Thanks a Lot to Eduwalkers Team for this amazing help to us.

Mr. Bhargav Gharpure
2nd Year Engineering Student / July, 2016

My memory has increased considerably & I can recall things very fast.

Mrs. Neesha Dinesh Daphal
Aundh, Pune / January 2016
My daughter has enjoyed a lot the whole 2 days from 9am to 6pm. During the workshop she quickly started blind-fold identification. I was amazed when, within a month of attending the workshop her maths teacher called us to inform that her grassping of mathematics had suprisingly improved suddenly. When we checked in school we got to know that her mathematics had improved considerably as compared to earlier time. We are very happy with the results of the workshop. Thank you Brain Smaart.

Mr. Amardeep Berde
November, 2015
My Son has improved his memorization skill, improved his emotional behavior & improved his mathematical & science skills.

Advocate. Datta Zuluk
November, 2015

I have seen changes in my child, her behavior is much better than before, now she thinks calmly & better.

Ajay Yadavrao Wagh
Advocate, Nov 2015

My son Atharva has recently attended 2 day’s workshop conducted by Avinash Deshmukh. It was amazing. It was like a magic whereby my son got extra power as well as enjoyed a lot. I got a chance to attend the parent’s session on the 2nd day. I felt very happy when i saw my son doing some exercise which were very unique and mind blowing which generated confidence within me that my son will surely have a bright future and a smart life. I am extremely happy with the sessions conducted by Avinash thereby I appeal all the members to take benefit of the sessions conducted by Avinash for children. Once again thanking to Avinash from the bottom of my heart and praying for a bright future in BNI.

Mrs. Jyoti Joshi
November, 2015

My kids have acquired a better concentration in studies & a lot of accuracy in their work after going through whole brain stimulation programme.

Mr. Ajit Naik
November, 2015

My kid has started self study after the workshop with good concentration & now has better memory & recollection.This help him to guide his child in a proper way.

Mr. Ravi Kolage
November, 2015

There is an improvement in observing capacity, now siya is more alert & confident.

Mrs. Trupti Waikar
November, 2015

My daughter has improved quiet good.

Mrs. Poonam Pushkar Koregave
May, 2015

It is good & really amazing!!!

Mr. Mandar Joshi
May, 2015

This is a really innovative way of educating kids about difficult things through Whole Brain Activation.

Mr. Murlidhar Bhosale
May, 2015

It’s an amazing experience & we would like to share it with everyone. This is also nice & important tool for self confidence.

Mr. Vijay Baburao Anpat
May, 2015

The concentration level increased amazingly, this is what the main requirement.

Mr. Amar Barde
May, 2015

My kid has actively participated with enthusiasm in blindfold activity.

Vidyasagar Kamate
May, 2015

They have used good technique & scientific methods.

Mrs. Neesha Dinesh Daphal
December, 2014

My child has enjoyed a lot the whole 2 days from 9am to 6pm. She was memorizing & answers blindfolded.

Mr. Santosh Jhadhav
December, 2014

Kids are much more improved & it was enjoyable, Blindfold activity was amazing.

Mr. Nitn & Mrs. Pinki Chavan
December, 2014

It was fun & very effective with my child, who came out to be very confident. It was unbelievable experience as parents. I wish every kid attend this workshop.

Mrs. Seema Mane
December, 2014

A good boost to the children as it is needed in this competitive world. Kids have enjoyed a lot.

Nitin Khamkar
December, 2014

She could recognize the objects & its colour blindfolded & she loved it. It worth & its amazing!!

Dipti Sahasrabudhe
Engineer Pune, July 2017
All 4 sessions are really very informative, Circle of security & DMT are new concepts introduced today. Every session focuses on how to handle children’s behavior, understand it & provide solution by controlling your stress & keep family happy. The sessions helped in understanding children’s behavior is critical manner to interact with them. Also learnt that one should be in right state of mind /De-stressed when with family. Controlling emotions & good bonding with kids was a major takeaway. Many more things thanks a lot “Edu Walkers” for a wonderful workshop.

Jitendra Karnik
Bright Future India Pune, July 2017
Excellent facilitation skills of facilitators. All the sessions were very informative made reflective & interactive. It was a Positive Parenting Workshop but felt it will be effective in every relationship.

Sonali Sonakul
CASP Pune, July 2017
Listening to the child and understanding the child’s emotions, Circle of Security, Dance movement therapies were major takeaways. The workshop guided on how to behave positively with children and understanding the emotions of child is very important, if we want positive changing in our child than we have to make some changes in our life.

Hemant Dulera
Optometrist- Shivaji Eye Care Pune, July 2017
Over all workshop was great. The best part liked is circle of security concept & the dance therapy. Both the concepts are new to learn and imply. Also Multiple Intelligence & Parent-Child relationship understanding is the basic thing to be learnt lifelong & practice till last breath.

Nitesh Punekar
Optometrist Pune, July 2017

Each & every session was useful for implementation for future. Understood how to recognize capabilities of our child & then behave in that manner & be Positive Parents.

Mugdha Alurkar
Lawyer Pune, July 2017

Positive Parenting workshop is very good one. I think everyone should do this and become happy parents. Game of emotion was interesting and circle of security also good.

Ashok Alurkar
Financial Planner Pune, July 2017

Lot of insight on child psychology & Positive Parenting. Parenting style, game of emotion, De-stress Parenting, Circle of security were good. Good values add in today’s dynamic life.

Jyoti Sonawane
Pune July 2017

It was really amazing experience. The thing I liked is I felt free to express myself. Importance of quality time& expression of emotions were explained.

Swati Sawant
Pune July 2017

I loved different sessions which are helpful to find out a parent in me & also how to interact which child while handling stress. Important take away of the workshop is my parenting style,dance movement therapy,our personality style.

Neha Jajoo
Pune July 2017

Workshop was very informative .Various aspects of parenting were nicely covered and all the questions & concerns were answered.

Pallavi Karanjkar
Pune, July 2017

I liked all the session of the workshop today. Really it is very helpful workshop for us. Through this workshop I learnt how to tackle the different situations without stress, also learnt how to understand my child properly.

Neerad Trivedi
Consultant & Trainer Pune, July 2017

The workshop was very well designed. Each expert in the field brought out a different & unique perspective. Understanding emotion of a child, Circle of Security, Multiple Intelligence, Parenting is impacted by understanding your child were good sessions.

Pooja Bhandare
CASP Pune, July 2017

Dance movement therapy, Game of emotions sessions in workshop were very nice .Got new therapy information. Rupture & Repair, Circle of security, Emotions of Child, Understanding the child, I learnt all these in very simple style.

Kishor Palve
CEO Bright Future India Pune, July 2017

Circle of security, theory of personality and Career guidance sessions were good. For parenting circle will be good & helping child to understand.

Tanaji Yadav
Bright Future India Pune, July 2017

I like positive parenting sessions and dance movement therapy. Understood how to identify our child’s need and how to interact with different situation.

Vikram Jadhav
Bright Future India Pune, July 2017

I understood which tools are helpful in understanding children in positive parenting workshop. Also got to know physical, emotional & social impact on child development.

Ankita Shetye
Bright Future India Pune, July 2017

Whole workshop was good with a good content & friendly environment. Dance movement therapy a good & innovative way to de-stress was good.