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Edu Walkers Lifeskills LLP- Formerly known as Brainsmaart Lifeskills LLP is a leading Lifeskills Development Company working in the field of holistic lifeskills development. Edu Walkers is working with Vision & Mission to provide LifeSkills coaching to individuals & families for their holistic development & peaceful progressive coexistence.

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Sanjay Ahire -Dubai-Sept 2019

The DMIA Report by Edu Walkers made me understand various aspects of my child’s personality perfectly. It Gave us better understanding of child traits and subsequent change in our approach/behaviour towards children. The counseling and data analysis has been really wonderful since we could correlate it with our children behaviour. Excellent service. I would Like to have counseling periodically in say 3/4/5 years. This has also helped us to change our approach and day-to-day behavior with our children for betterment. Hope to have successful and life loving career to our children. Thanks Edu walkers  for all your support.

Lt Col Vishal Nagar _ Pune – Indian Army

When we don’t find the reason behind the behavior of a person, we tend to blame him/her for not understanding the situation or a person. We blame the person for not being understanding & ruin the relationship. It happens in every relationship.. be it siblings, husband-wife or with children. We see a lot much time even our kids complaining about partiality we do that they perceive it to be & parents always wonder what different upbringing we imparted to them not realizing the difference of personalities between two human beings. DMIA  report and counseling at Eduwalkers helped me immensely understanding self &  people in my relation who affected my life severely. I always banged & blamed either the self or situation or the person or destiny as typically elderly resort to.  It leads to a tremendous loss of self-confidence & having self-pity. Finally, when I heard about DMIA & thought of trying it out as last resort, I came out to be a more peaceful, self-confident & mature person. It helped me understand my personality which always thought I was but was not aware of the reason behind as to why my personality is like this. It also helped me understand the other person & the efforts which I can put in a specific direction to improve a relationship. Otherwise, it happens with many of us that we keep on trying 100 ways but not the 101st way which is the right way. It taught me my strength areas, weaker areas, areas which I can improve, areas where I am stagnant or the things which I should just accept. Now I realize after getting past half-life that I have realized it so late. In fact, I am getting it done for my kids to understand them better, strengthen their strength areas, develop weaker areas & make them aware of their natural personalities. It will boost their confidence & make them aware of their vulnerabilities. I believe that this method should be adopted by everyone before matchmaking as it reflects true personality of the person which cannot be bluffed. It will greatly assist girls & boys to identify their right life partner & to decide if they have found the right one with whom they have hooked on. I am sure spending a few thousand is not even penny equivalent for the benefits which  DMIA provides. In a bigger sense, the family-friends-society will benefit if we understand each other rightfully.  I am very happy with the technique & counseling done on the report. The kind of discussion, explanation & understanding provided by Eduwalkers was unparalleled. The interpretation and connecting the dots in the DMIA report is equally important without which many think that it's not worth it. As much the software is important so is the counseling which was just perfect by Eduwalkers!! Just reading a book doesn’t make you a great scholar but it’s the Teacher who explains that the book makes a person a Scholar & so is the importance of right counseling & debrief of the report. I am happy that Mr. Avinash counseled so well that every word & figure of the report started making a meaningful sense to me… Thanks, Eduwalkers for getting me back on track!! Vishal Nagar A happy Eduwalker ..
Avatar- Woman

Neha Surve, Chiplun. June 2018

It was really a good opportunity to talk with you and know my weaknesses as well as my strengths. I really truly felt very cheered up by your session. Of course, I will definitely try my best to improve my weakness. Definitely, our next meet will be very interesting and very frank. Sir, you will definitely see many changes in me. I was a supercalifragilistic expialidocious experience to talk with you. EDU Walkers THANKS TO YOU!!
Avatar- Woman

Suman Singh

Founder Director - Sumantrana Advisory Services

I am Suman Singh, Founder Director of Sumantrana Advisory Services, A HR & CSR Consulting Firm. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Mr. Avinash Deshmukh, and Edu Walkers, for using DMIA (Fingerprint analysis) technique for identifying the multiple intelligences and natural strengths and areas of development for an individual.

Being an HR professional, I was very curious about the effectiveness of this tool and therefore decided to experience it for myself and my family members. I must say all of us are delighted with the outcome and the accuracy of the report generated. Avinash was the icing on the cake with his balance counseling skills.

I strongly recommend Edu walkers and Avinash to all those who would like to get an accurate insight in their natural abilities or areas of development or look for people with desired abilities for the identified role in their organization for a better career or professional management.

I wish Edu walkers and Avinash Deshmukh the very best in their future endeavors.


Mr. Narendra Naukudkar


Thank you so much. I am very much happy, after completing this DMIA test and counseling with Madam. Yes, it is actually trust worthy. We are able to know our strong points and weaknesses. So it is very much easy to choose your career or decide what you want and how you want in your life. Madam has described me each and everything particularly. I am able to understand Career achievement & guidance, strong points. Your service is very good.

deepti (1)

Mrs. Dipti Sahasrabudhe


All 4 sessions are really very informative, Circle of security & DMT are new concepts introduced today. Every session focuses on how to handle children behaviors, understand it & provide solution by controlling your stress & keep family happy. The sessions helped in Understanding children’s behavior is critical manner to interact with them. Also learnt that one should be in right state of mind /De-stressed when with family. Controlling emotions & good bonding with kids was a major takeaway. Many more things thanks a lot “Edu Walkers” for a wonderful workshop.

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