Become A LIFESKILLS ADVISOR with Edu Walkers and unleash the tremendous helping potential within you. Simultaneously earn handsome Income while you help hundreds of children develop their Lifeskills required in the fiercely competitive world.

Edu Walkers Lifeskills LLP a Leading Lifeskills Development Company is looking for women ( preferably Mothers) from various walks of Life to work as LIFESKILLS ADVISOR ... Age / Education / Experience ..No bar... just a passion to help others (specially Children) is the important requirement....


LIFESKILLS are abilities for adaptive & positive behavior that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands & challenges of everyday life - World Health Organisation.

Social Skills:

  • Self Awareness
  • Effective Communication
  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Empathy Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills

  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving

Emotional Skills

  • Coping with Stress
  • Coping with Emotions

The above LIFESKILLS are not paid enough attention in formal educational structure. However these are the most important and critical LIFESKILLS for every individual to stand up and succeed in Life and Be happy...

HAR GHAR MEIN GENIUS by Edu Walkers is one of India's most innovative and effective Lifeskills development programmes.

What is Har Ghar Mein Genius ( HGMG)?

Har Ghar Mein Genius is a very innovative Skills development programme that nurtures Multiple Intelligences in children. A Completely activity based programme immensely loved by children and LSAs alike . A unique revolution is unfolding in the field of Child Learning, Psychology, Brain development, Overall child development – HGMG is a uniquely designed program to address modern day complex issues and create a compassionate, intelligent and highly aware and smart child.

HGMG is based on some very important premises
• Every Child is Unique- Every Child is Genius
• Opening up all the possibilities to them is important rather than feeding them with what to do
• Children Learn on their own … we don’t need to teach always . We just need to patiently facilitate their learning.

The Programme has 3 main components
Personality Profiling of child to identify Genius qualities. – one 2 one sessions with our counsellors.
Brain Stimulation Workshop to Tap into intensive potential of the Brain - 2 days workshop at our Training Centres
100+ activities based Multiple Skills development program to Nurture Multiple Intelligences and also Promote Community parenting : Weekly 2 sessions for 6 months at nearest LSA Home / place

What is the Role of Lifeskills Advisor ?

Once you receive your Life Skills Advisor certification, you will conduct India’s most innovative program – Har Ghar Mein Genius from your home / activity centre.
As a Life Skills Advisor you will

  • Arrange meetings / presentations with parents in your area
  • Communicate HGMG to Parents
  • Recruit students for the programme by completing necessary formalities set by the company
  • Conduct the HGMG activity Sessions and parenting meets at your place as per schedule and guidelines
  • Maintain cheerful bonding with parents and support community parenting

Who can Become A Edu Walkers Lifeskills Advisor?

If you are a Mother with any of following additional responsibility and have good connect in the area around your place

• Teacher / Tuition classes owner
• Professional wanting to starting something new and more exciting
• Play group / day care/ activity centre owner
• Psychologists or
• Home maker

Strong Independent woman, who wants to be financially independent, be around young little hearts and help shape the future of the society is an ideal match.
You have the opportunity to be a part of revolution that will re-define learning and education in the coming years for the whole country.

Requirements to start a HGMG Centre

Eduwalkers has set minimum acceptable guidelines that we expect all LSA’s to follow at the centre.

1. Space to accommodate at least 10 children comfortably at a time – Home or Activity centre place
2. Hygiene, safety and cleanliness are extremely important
3. Audio-visual requirement (TV) with USB plugin facility
4. Pleasant demeanour, Understanding and compassionate LSA
5. Enthusiasm to play with children, facilitate (NOT teach)
6. Local Vernacular, Hindi or English – all modes of communication are great
7. Good network of Parents in your locality with basic communication skills

How Do I Become A LIFESKILLS Advisor? What support/training will I get?

Call us or Just walk in to our LIFESKILLS Development Centre on Bhandarkar road and complete the Joining formalities. We will be delighted to have you with us.


  • Our team will support you with Presentations, Client meetings, Organization of competitions in society, stalls at festivals, etc*
  • Leaflets, brochure, marketing material in hard and soft copy will be shared with you*
  • Edu Walkers will help in Marketing through its Online presence with our Website, Facebook page, Daily posts, Videos and constantly running campaigns
  • Facility to use Office Infrastructure for Client Meetings
  • Business cards
  • Timely Payouts

What do I Earn? How much Time do I need to spend?

  • You will be Provided a detailed Income Generation Potential and Plan when you meet us.
  • The Earning potential is simply your potential to work and earn.
  • You may spend as much time as you feel like daily... we will support you whenever you want.
  • Ideally you should be spending 5-6 hours a week or more to earn a decent amount of income through this activity