Become Multiple Intelligence Counsellor and live your Dream

Unleash the tremendous helping potential within you. Simultaneously earn handsome Income while you help People in Need.

World is fast paced.. Life is full of rush. Everyone wants to achieve BIG ..In this persuit of success last few Generations have focussed merely on  information gathering, Degrees , certifications and Paper based Qualifications.

Result : People are accumulating lot of wealth  but have lost happiness and satisfaction . Seem to be lost on their Purpose. This has lead to frustrations, emotional problems stress addiction high rate of Divorce and even Suicides in quite a considerable numbers

What we all have forgot is the basic fundamentals of life. A Very profound wisdom that is all around us but we fail to notice and learn.

Do you feel concerned and wish to do something for it. If you believe that every drop matters for the ocean and every effort matters for happiness then this opportunity is for you.

Become a Multiple Intelligence Counselor and help your clients to understand the fundamentals of nature and facilitate them discover their personality to achieve Success with happiness and  Satisfaction.

What are Multiple intelligences and How do they affect the individual 

Nobel Laurette Psychologist Dr Howard Gardner has mentioned in his pathfinding discovery through his book "Frames of Mind"  that humans posess multiple intelligences . Humans have 8 different types of prominent multiple intelligences which largely impact  his Inborn talents and his behaviour as a person.

These intelligences are

1. Intra Personal   2. Interpersonal   3. Logical / Analytical   4. Visual / Spatial  5. Kinaesthetic  6. Linguistic  7. Emotional / Musical  8. Naturalistic

The strength of each of these intelligences in combination with other intelligences also  impacts the 4 Quotients ie. Intelligence Quotient , Emotional Quotient , Adversity Quotient and creative Quotient of the person.

The Placement of these intelligences  impacts the learning system of the person which is then displayed as Auditory learner / Visual learner and kinaesthetic learner in every individual.

All the above together shapes the personality of a Person.

Role of Multiple Intelligence Counsellor 

As a Multiple Intelligence Counselor you can help individuals understand themselves or their near and dear ones thoroughly in order to take appropriate decisions and actions with respect to

    1. Effective and healthy Parenting
    2. Providing appropriate environment for holistic development of their child
    3. Education and career selection for young children and Teenagers
    4. Mid Life and career crisis handling
    5. Selection of Right Partner / Life Partner
    6. Relationship manoeuvring for sustainable happiness.
    7. Selection of compatible business Partner / employees
    8. Stress management
    9. Second innings management
    10. Team work

Who can Become A Multiple Intelligence Counselor 

If you are a person who loves to help people , has a passion to understand people and behaviour and have interest in decoding the personalities then you are the person who will be the right fit for being a MI counselor, your current profession may be any.

additionally it would be great if you have

  • Good listening skills
  • A Factbased approach to people and situation
  • Good connect with People and friends in the area around your place

Your willingness to approach people and offer help will be always an advantage.

What do you get when you register for our Certification

  1. Complete Training from the experienced and expert Counsellors @ Har Ghar Mein Genius

This Training comprises of

    • Training on all Multiple Intelligences and how the variations change the personality .
    • Training about Assessment of these intelligences and report interpretation
    • Training on how to nurture these multiple intelligences by learning various associated skills
    • Training on emotions handling / stress management
    • Training on counselling techniques and client service

Additional Takeways

  1. Multiple intelligence assessment tools like DMIT finger prints scanning Software / Access to online assessments like Psychometric / Aptitude test at a meagre additional cost along with training for using the tools
  2. Ready to counsel Personality Assessment Reports from the company.
  3. Access to specially prepared Multiple Skills Development Kit to be reccomended to parents for Nurturing the intelligences in Children.
  4. Certification from the company along with study material.
  5. Your name will be displayed on our website / Platform  as Certified MI counsellor
  6. Marketing and promotional material in soft copies.
  7. Promotional support through our social media campaigns that may generate leads for you.
  8. Opportunity to participate in psychology based events / seminars / competitions
  9. Paid counselling assignments from the company  subject to certain conditions.
  10. Opportunity to become a Trainer / partner with the company in future projects.
  11. You can use Brand har Ghar Mein Genius while presenting your service to society

Our Trainers are from versatile background having rich experience and expertise in the field of Multiple Intelligence assessment and counselling ,  people skills, administration, sales and marketing  psychology, skills development and behavioral counselling.  The training team comes with a combined experience of over 100 + man years

Post training and certification you can practice as Independent Multiple Intelligence counsellor.

What is the opportunity after the training for you 

  • While it would be your call to Price your services we will give you sugesstions and support .
  • The Earning potential is simply your potential to work and earn.
  • You may spend as much time as you feel like daily... we will support you whenever you want.
  • Ideally you should be spending 5-6 hours a week or more to earn a decent amount of income through this Service
  • People actively seek Guidance for career selection for young children as well as for behaviour realted issues.

What is Har Ghar Mein Genius ( HGMG)

Har Ghar Mein Genius is our philosophy and approach.

HGMG is based on some very important premises
• Every Child is Unique- Every Child is Genius
• Opening up all the possibilities to them is important rather than feeding them with what to do
• Children Learn on their own … we don’t need to teach always . We just need to patiently facilitate their learning.

Apropriate environment , learning opportunities and Freedom to Succeed as well as Fail , are the key ingredients for a Genius.

Har Ghar Mein Genius  also is a platform for children and parents that provides them an opportunity to understand multiple facets of their personality and also nurture the talents for Genius performance . HGMG provides various opportunities and resources to nurture multiple skills based on their multiple intelligences