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It has been observed in India that Majority of The Indian adult Population has been in Wrong Profession. No wonder that we see an increasing number of Professionals changing their Careers after age 40 & pursuing careers which give them more happiness & Satisfaction. We at Edu Walkers Feel that the Upcoming generations need not go through the same lengthy & wasteful process in pursuit of Happiness.

Most Youngsters nowadays want to follow their Interests- their dreams … & make an impact with their contribution to the society… & Thankfully the New generation parents also want the same for their Kids. However a considerable confusion with respect to choosing a career still persists & Parents & Youngsters have to go through a lot of unwanted but unavoidable Stress in the process of Career Selection. Many Times the Rigid faculty segregation in our education system also comes across as limiting factor Or deterrent in career selection process.

The More important factor still remains is whether one should follow Interest or should build his career upon his Abilities?

Because sometimes Interest fades away with time OR the abilities don’t support the person following INTEREST in the fierce competitive world thereby making his Journey filled with more hardships & prolonged waiting period for tasting formidable success.

The Compass follows a multi prong methodology that ensures that you will have MOST appropriate career for you which will be a product of your Inborn & Acquired Abilities & Interest based on a thorough scanning & weighing of all the available options worldwide.

This Ensures that you enjoy the entire process of Professional education + Career Building Path. This is also ignited by your Passion for excellence because you do what you Love. As the Saying Goes Success lies in Process & Not only in results.

Step 1: Identification of your Innate ( Inborn) abilities through DMIA
Step 2: Identification of your Acquired Abilities & interests through Psychometric analysis.
Step 3: Analysis & Mapping of Available Career Options with your Abilities & Interests.
Step 4: Final Selection of your career path.
Step 5: Guiding you through to selection & admission to correct Institute/college for the chosen career path.

Edu Walkers Makes sure that you are made available Best relevant Experts at each of the above stages in order to Ensure that we help you Choose the Best Possible Option to lead your professional & personal Life & experience Eternal Happiness in your Journey.

For Whom:

For all Students seeking Career Guidance Counselling, Ideally First career Guidance counselling should be taken at the Beginning of Std IX with a second counselling in STD X & subsequent counselling sessions after Std X results & Std 12.

Riya Chhabda
June, 2016

I am feeling so much confident today after my counselling. Today I know what exactly I am & I know what is the best for me. I can take decision confidently today & this changed my view towards people & life. My counsellor Archana Gandhi, she is the best person I ever met in my life. I have no words to thank her & I even learned from her. She is just amazing & I thank everyone who is behind this program & who really helped me to change. Thank you.

Khushboo Bajaj
June, 2016

I am a kind of person who get much affected from every happenings in my life & I get too much nervous when people wrongly point anywhere in my life & totally confused personality. After the test, I came to know the things which are seriously inborn talent in me & it also helped me out how to deal with my sensitive nature. My counsellor Archana Gandhi is one of the best person in my life & she also helped me out at the topics which are out of the counselling part & I am really thankful to her. I personally suggest you once ask for this test in your entire life & does not matter if you are sure about your choices in life but this thing surely going to make you accurate for your future.

IT professional / Shukrawar Peth, Pune / April, 2016

My son could not score in JEE & we get good options after coming here.

Akshay Shinde
April, 2016

Excellent counselling session & got information on hotel management course.

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