Indi - GENIUS Lab: Nurturing Multiple Intelligences

We have Laboratories for Students to Learn Physics, Chemistry, Biology in schools Some schools also have Language and Maths Laboratory… Law colleges have Moot court…

It has been Well known that most Students learn their Best in a Laboratory… when in addition to Audio Visual learning they get hands-on experience by using kinesthetic senses like Touch and Feel, Smell and Taste in learning.

Thus in a laboratory Students effectively use all the 5 senses for learning

Presenting Indi – GENIUS Lab: A unique and revolutionary concept for schools to develop Multiple Intelligences in their students through various activities, games, learning tools supported by a structured program of 50 sessions up to class 7.

We have over 300 different activities scientifically built into a curriculum to suit the growing cognition, social and emotional growth aspects.

What is Indi – GENIUS Lab?

It is a Skills Development Laboratory that helps students of various age groups around the year in developing various Life skills – mainly the Multiple Intelligences and other soft skills required in academic, professional and personal life.

Why is a Separate Skills Development Lab required?

Since it is well established that we learn the most when we DO it and hence all schools have various laboratories which help students learn Science, Math, Languages etc better.

While these laboratories help students comprehend knowledge better, what we lack in providing to students is the practical and experiential learning of skills like Logical thinking , Critical thinking , Innovative thinking , handling pressure , facing failure , Concentration , Focus and many such functions of brain which the students will need almost every day in real life.

Since there is no formal curriculum around the same, schools may not have a structured programme for developing these skills and most students are left to mend for themselves in the above skills.

Students, when growing up, are expected to think creatively - out of the box – critically, however, they aren’t taught either learned how to do the same.

A lot of parents and teachers complain nowadays about concentration ability of students however a practical remedy to this isn’t made available easily in a student-friendly manner.

All the above coupled with the fact that the syllabus in most of the institutions being considered as outdated / not equipped enough to make the students coming out of colleges employable, has put a question mark on our educational system.

Hence the need for a Lab which provides a dummy environment to practice and learning above skills is felt.

This prompted us to evolve with the concept of A skills development Laboratory that Grooms Multiple Intelligences in the student.

The Indi-GENIUS Lab has been designed to address the Intelligence behind various skills and helps overall growth of the child.

Indi-GENIUS Lab provides a whole range of options to trigger a child’s Logic, Critical thinking, Spatial ability, Fine motor skills, Creativity, Emotional and Social sensitivity, develop Cognition, etc.

All this in a playful, fun and non-academic format. An environment that fosters creativity, play, challenges, games, activities, etc that enable to nurture Multiple forms of Intelligence and develops Concentration, Decision-making ability, Expressiveness, Self-awareness resulting in overall improvement of performance and development of the child.

What does the Indi-GENIUS LAB comprise of ?

After an extensive study and experimentation that lasted over 2 years we have come up with this unique programme that comprises of various activities that students will do/play/participate and will learn the various skills in an experiential way in a nonteaching environment. A noticeable impact of such triggered brain activity is seen after 30 plus sessions. Hence we have designed a programme of 50 sessions spread over 25 weeks of the academic year. The programme is designed such that the activities and their challenges keep the students excited and interested throughout the programme.

  • Minimal Instructions - Encouraged self learning / exploring for students
  • 50 Sessions for each class from 2nd to 7th. structured programme with all support tools
  • 300+ Activities
  • Activities defined as per the Intelligence / Brain development requirements corresponding to age.

The Indi-GENIUS LAB provides students multiple opportunities to

  • Concentrate wilfully
  • Think differently
  • Explore activities of Multiple Skills
  • Practice with their own intelligence
  • Observe, Analyze, Solve Problem and succeed
  • Experience results
  • Practice Success as well as Failure
  • Analyze failure
  • Develop Strategy to overcome failure
  • Get surprised
  • Face challenges etc.
  • Understand the process of change
  • All the above in Fun way

Advantages of Indi-GENIUS LAB

  • In addition to Providing Knowledge The School also facilitates the Knowledge Processing ability
  • Sharper students means lesser teaching time and efforts
  • Students will be more skilled and competitive
  • Learning beyond books will be facilitated
  • Saved Time of students and Teachers can be utilized effectively
  • Enhanced Overall development
  • Good Differentiator for School
  • Learning beyond books will be facilitated

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