Employability Assessment & Training

People are unique … So is your Organization …

Identify and recruit  Most Suitable people for your Organization:

At Edu Walkers Lifeskills LLP we are into employability assessment for various multinational companies. We are involved in identifying top candidates with talent acquisition. Our approach is customized to connect the uniqueness of every organization to a similarly unique talent pool. We use a process and a product that measures a person’s Multiple Intelligences, Scholastic Intelligence, Personality, Workplace Aptitudes, Interests and Learning styles to find out his ability to be successful in a particular job. We also use our in-house battery of evaluations customized with your own for hiring fresher’s and experienced prospects.

Talented people are an organization’s most valuable asset. Recruitment and retention is essential at any time but in the current economic climate and with real talent in short supply, recruitment at all levels is proving highly competitive. Despite this, few organizations have any objective insight into the suitability of candidates and how they might fit into a role.

Our solutions simplify the task of finding the right person for the right job–saving significant time and money.

We help you improve your quality of hire with tools that:

  • Define roles and associated competencies
  • Provide candidates with engaging, realistic previews of role requirements
  • Scientifically identify the best candidates based on potential
  • Objectively ensure that only suitable candidates enter the selection process
  • Enable highly accurate and efficient interviews for only the best candidates
  • Align people decisions with business strategy to maximize competitive advantage
  • Provide the highest levels of security and due diligence

Benefits to Corporates:

  1. No more job postings! No more going through 1000+ resumes to hire the right person! No more email inboxes overflowing with hundreds of irrelevant resumes
  1. 54+ job success applicant attributes measured for FREE on your behalf! State of the art psychology, technology and statistical methods used.
  1. You get exactly what you want! Just choose your Price point and Quality Level from pre-assessed candidates
  1. “FREE” Customized company profiles! Hire what you want, when you want & the way you want
  1. Hiring Life cycle reduced by almost 50% Pre-evaluated talent available
  1. 100% online test delivery model
  1. FREE Talent Profile creation of your “Best” employee” based on 54+ Attributes
  2. Connecting 100+ college student profiles for your consideration
  3. Remotely short-listing pre-evaluated students from our “Campus hire” database
  4. Ability to use our in-house battery of evaluations customized with your own for hiring fresher’s and experienced prospects.

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