Ensure - Whole Brain Stimulation

The Edu Walkers ENSURE: Whole Brain Stimulation is India’s first holistic child Brain development program designed to help kids aged 6-15 years identify & Capture their true potential & with it, their path to a lifetime of happiness & success.

ENSURE: A 6 month programme is aimed at re-enabling the Child’s ability to use Right & Left Brain Lobes together in whatever he does during the course of the day. Its structured as full 2 day workshop followed by 6 sessions of 3 hours each once a month for next 6 months.

The Programme is a combination of Various activities followed by special Sound ( Music) therapy Sessions focussing on MID BRAIN ACTIVATION ( Triggering the Mesancephalon) followed by enabling the kids to capture their Enhanced Sensory abilities & Intuitions in order to experience & Practice amazing Power of their Brain.

ENSURE uses Transformational learning Methodology – The same method is followed by brain when it learns to walk, or swim or to ride a bicycle. Hence participants experience a permanent ability enhancement after attending the programme. The programme utilizes the natural ability of the brain to learn & remember for long when learnt in Alpha frequency mode- the state of mind usually experienced in Meditation. It is based on Nobel Prize winning researches & endorsed by eminent professionals in the fields of Education & Child Psychology in India.

Importance of Midbrain activation

The Midbrain is the smallest region & the most important part of the brain. It regulates the left & right brain functions, thereby impacting the brain's processing power & learning capacity.

Generally, more focus is laid upon one half of the brain. "THE LEFT BRAIN". This means that the brain is not utilised as per its optimum capacity many times ignoring the signals from Right Lobe of the brain.

Activating the Midbrain results in achieving the Brain’s ability to process the Signals from Right & Left brain in equilibrium . This helps to build a more stable & Holistic Personality.

  • Greater academic prowess
  • Improved Emotional Ability
  • Enhanced social, kinaesthetic, language & spatial skills
  • Heightened sensory perception & intuition
  • Improved memory & concentration
  • Improved Comprehension
  • Enhanced logical & creative abilities
  • Improved self confidence, IQ & EQ


Blind-Fold activation

Children would show some amazing results immediately after the second phase, proving that their brain activation has indeed been successful, in which case they will be able to demonstrate one or more than one of the below:

  • Identify colours, letters & words blind folded
  • Walk or cycle around obstacles blindfolded
  • Ability to Read in darkness or Blindfolded
  • Speed Read
  • Develop a photographic memory
  • Read using senses like Smell or Auditory


Bhakti Shah Sapke
ISAS International Beauty School, Pune, August 2017
Dear Mr. Avinash Deshmukh. I Mrs. Bhakti Sapke, Founder/Director of ISAS International Beauty School and also proud parent of Jui Sapke and Kartik Sapke would like to thank Edu walkers for acquainting us with the immense potential our kids have and helping us discover a very unique side of theirs. Both of my kids attended Brain Stimulation workshop & it turned out to be very good skill development. I see very good change in them and it has majorly helped my son Kartik to improve its concentration in his any kind of work that he does. Usually he is hyper active child but workshop has added a lot benefit to his behavior and skills. My daughter is getting from better to best in her own ways. Short of words to express how important this is for every parent to discover such a unique quality of child which they already have but is unexplored. Thanks to you and his team for this wonderful and amazing workshop they conducted which is indirectly helping kids in multi ways.I strongly recommended Edu walkers to every parent to give a try once at least and see not only for workshop but also the DMIA test they do which helps in channelizing the future of our child with its own ability. A big thank you once again to Edu Walkers and its team for this wonderful journey we have started with them and shall continue for long year as follow up.

Mukesh Gujar
Metalart Furniture, April 2016
This is regarding the Brain Smart 2 day session conducted by Mr. Avinash Deshmukh. My daughter Gayatri attended this session. It was a life changing experience for her & also for me and my wife. As Mr. Deshmukh had rightly said that he had opened our daughter’s user’s manual in front of us, now we can know the reason behind my daughter’s behavior & accordingly we can respond to her in better & positive way. Thanks for very educative session. This would really help my daughter to concentrate more effectively during her studies. I really appreciate his services & highly recommend you all to avail his services for your children. Thank you Mr. Avinash Deshmukh

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