Ensure - Whole Brain Stimulation

The Edu Walkers ENSURE: Whole Brain Stimulation is India’s first holistic child Brain development program designed to help kids aged 6-15 years identify & Capture their true potential & with it, their path to a lifetime of happiness & success.

ENSURE: A 6 month programme is aimed at re-enabling the Child’s ability to use Right & Left Brain Lobes together in whatever he does during the course of the day. Its structured as full 2 day workshop followed by 6 sessions of 3 hours each once a month for next 6 months.

The Programme is a combination of Various activities followed by special Sound ( Music) therapy Sessions focussing on MID BRAIN ACTIVATION ( Triggering the Mesancephalon) followed by enabling the kids to capture their Enhanced Sensory abilities & Intuitions in order to experience & Practice amazing Power of their Brain.

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