Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis

A Unique counselling & coaching service aims to foster better understanding between parents & Kids or any 2 individuals(adults as well). This Service involving experts in the field of Psychology is Based on Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis Report (DMIA Report) of The Individual.

DMIA (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis) is a psychometric analysis based on the scientific study of fingerprints. It studies the ridged skin patterns found on fingers, palms, toes & soles which are formed during the foetal development stage & once developed are unchanged for life. For most purposes, these also act as unique genetic identifiers.

Scientists have established congenital links between these patterns & an individual’s traits & talents. DMIA gives an accurate understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences as well as his innate potential capabilities & personality. This can help them decide between multiple choices available in different fields such as education, hobbies, sports, art, music, career options & more.

Process Involves

Taking Fingerprints through a Biometric Scanner (at our center or at your location)
Analysis of the Print Patterns of all 10 fingers
Generation of your DMIA Report
Understand the report from expert Counselor (at our center)

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