Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis

A Unique counselling & coaching service aims to foster better understanding between parents & Kids or any 2 individuals(adults as well). This Service involving experts in the field of Psychology is Based on Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis Report (DMIA Report) of The Individual.

DMIA (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis) is a psychometric analysis based on the scientific study of fingerprints. It studies the ridged skin patterns found on fingers, palms, toes & soles which are formed during the foetal development stage & once developed are unchanged for life. For most purposes, these also act as unique genetic identifiers.

Scientists have established congenital links between these patterns & an individual’s traits & talents. DMIA gives an accurate understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences as well as his innate potential capabilities & personality. This can help them decide between multiple choices available in different fields such as education, hobbies, sports, art, music, career options & more.

What Does Your DMIA Report Tell you ?

  • The Relative Development of your 8 multiple Intellihgentsia & your personality therein
  • The Relative Strength of Input & Output Lobes of your Brain
  • Your Modes of Learning & their relative Strength
  • Type & Style of Thinking / Learning
  • Orientation of your Brain ( Right / Left or Balanced )
  • Relative Strengths of your Quotients Like Intelligence Quotient Emotional Quotient Adversity Quotient & Creative Quotient.
  • Career orientation basis your Multiple Intelligentsia
  • Various behaviour traits & patterns.

Career Orientation

It is better to take career decision or selection of Profession basis the strength areas of ones personality. DMIA Reports attempts to segregate various career options basis the Competencies required in that profession & Maps them against the persons data. It gives a chart showing Most appropriate to not recommended professions for a particular individual.

Pls find below Mapping of certain Professions with the competencies required.

Children / Students

  • Understand learning system: Knowing the Prominent Learning Modes , Types & Styles helps you to adapt your learning methodology so that learning becomes fun & most effective.
  • Understand innate potential & encourage accordingly to build their personality & career
  • Minimize time & financial commitments on unnecessary courses which otherwise you might attempt & drop.
  • Boost children’s self confidence
  • Strengthen parental bonds
  • Provide your children with a happy childhood


  • Rekindle your passion for living & revive dreams from the past by identifying your innate potential of Multiple Intelligentsia
  • Invest wisely in suitable self-development programmes
  • Assess your EQ, IQ, AQ, CQ
  • Plan ahead to achieve your goals & live your dreams
  • Choose the most appropriate work Profile in your current profession.
  • Understand your Spouse & other Important Relations better & improvise relationship
  • Lead a happy, satisfied & Successful life.


  • Create an all-star workforce
  • Reorganize your workforce for better / Optimal performance
  • Identification of training & development Needs
  • Evaluate your managers’ performances & core competencies
Suman Singh
Founder Director of Sumantrana Advisory Services, Pune, Nov 2017
I am Suman Singh, Founder Director of Sumantrana Advisory Services, A HR & CSR Consulting Firm. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Mr. Avinash Deshmukh , and Edu Walkers, for using DMIA (Fingerprint analysis) technique for identifying the multiple intelligences and nature strengths and areas of development for an individual. Being an HR professional, I was very curious about the effectiveness of this tool and therefore decided to experience it for myself and my family members. I must say all of us are delighted with the outcome and the accuracy of the report generated. Avinash was the icing on the cake with his balance counseling skills. I strongly recommend Edu walkers and Avinash to all those who would like to get an accurate insight in their natural abilities or areas of development or look for people with desired abilities for identified role in their organization for better career or profession management. I wish Edu walkers and Avinash Deshmukh the very best in their future endeavors.

Atul Sutar
Manager Cipla Pune, Sept 2017
First of all very much thankful to Madam & Avinash Deshmukh Sir for creating/Having such platform for people which is really helpful to identify the skills in our child. It’s definitely scientific way for future guidance to all which will show direction for life. Edu walkers help us to identify those hidden skills; inherent abilities and such will brighten your future. I got clear understanding & views for my future. Be in touch for new concepts & skills development Program. We clearly understood strengths and areas of improvement for our child and also got direction for way forward. Thanks to Edu Walkers!!

Narendra Naukudkar
Engineer Pune, Sept 2017
Thank you so much. I am very much happy, after completing this DMIA test and counseling with Madam. Yes, it is actually trust worthy. We are able to know our strong points and weaknesses .So it is very much easy to choose your career or decide what you want and how you want in your life. Madam has described me each and everything particularly. I am able to understand Career achievement & guidance, strong points. Your service is very good.

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Process Involves

Taking Fingerprints through a Biometric Scanner (at our center or at your location)
Analysis of the Print Patterns of all 10 fingers
Generation of your DMIA Report
Understand the report from expert Counselor (at our center)

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