Welcome to Eduwalkers Lifeskills LLP. We offer the following services and to avail the services and pay online kindly follow the procedure mentioned herewith:

To avail any of the above services click on the Lifeskills button, which will drop down to all the services we provide.

  • After that select the service you would like to avail.
  • The details of service and the process of the service is mentioned on specific pages of each service.
  • Click on the ‘Enroll Now’ Button and fill in all the fields of information
  • After that kindly accept click on the terms and conditions page and agree to it after reading those
  • accepting the terms and conditions click on buy the service.
  • This will lead you to the payment gateway where you may choose the option to make your payment.
  • After making payment you will receive a message from Eduwalkers that your payment is transferred for that specific service.
  • The service details of date, venue and the process to be followed will be conveyed by our team to the client
  • All the services are provided at our office address

Our Services

Explore- Personality Analysis

Step 1: Taking Fingerprints through a Biometric Scanner (at our center or at your location)
Step2: Analysis of the Print Patterns of all 10 fingers.
Step 3: Generation of your DMIA Report
Step 4: Counseling of the report from expert Counselor (at our center)

Compass – The Career Coach

Step 1: Identification of your Innate (Inborn) abilities through DMIA

Step 2: Identification of your Acquired Abilities & interests through Psychometric analysis.

Step 3: Analysis & Mapping of Available Career Options with your Abilities & Interests.

Step 4: Final Selection of your career path.

Step 5: Guiding you through to selection & admission to correct Institute/college for the chosen career path.

Ensure- Whole Brain Stimulation

Step 1: It’s structured as full 2 day workshop followed by 6 sessions of 3 hours each once a month for next 6 months. The Programme is a combination of Various activities followed by special Music therapy Sessions focusing on MID BRAIN ACTIVATION followed by enabling the kids to capture their Enhanced Sensory abilities & Intuitions in order to experience & Practice amazing Power of their Brain.

Step 2: A 6 month follow up programme once a month is aimed at re-enabling the Child’s ability to use Right & Left Brain Lobes together in whatever he does during the course of the day.

Parenting Support

Step 1 : Workshops and Seminars are arranged on Positive Parenting for parents. After registration, conformation will be sent and details of venue and timing will be provided to client.

Counseling Services

Step1: After registration as per clients need and availability of time, session will be fixed with the counselor at EduWalkers office.
Multiple skills development
Step 1: A 50 hrs workshop is designed and placed over weekends.
Step 2: Around 3-4 hours over weekend is the activity time for a child where his multiple skills are enhanced.


Step 1: After registering for the employability services, link will be sent to the client to avail online Psychometric test. The test can be given from our center or from any other location.
Step 2: Report will be generated
Step 3: Counseling will be provided at our center after lining up date with the client

Edu Smart Lab

Step 1: After registration details of the LAB will be sent to the client. After confirming the details and agreeing to our terms and conditions payment should be made and the set up of Edu Smart Lab will be followed.