Har Ghar Mein Genius ( HGMG)

Har Ghar mein Genius – Multiple Skills Development Programme by Eduwalkers is a Revolutionary learning and development programme that works on building Lifeskills Like Thinking skills, Emotional skills and Social Skills in the Young Generation.

The Programme attempts to overcome limitations of School education and enables learning irrespective of language or academic performance. With over 500 Puzzles, Board Games, paper activities and other indoor/outdoor activities and over 100 Social and Emotional developmental activities identified/developed with the proven track record over last 7 years we surely can help you develop & build upon Multiple Intelligence and overall development of children Enabling Enriching..Learning Lifeskills.

This Programme brings to you various result oriented Impactful Multiple Skills Development activities for Kids in the age group 4-14 years. These services are being provided in various states across India.

HGMG is based on some very important premises.

  • Every Child is Unique- Every Child is Genius
  • Opening up all the possibilities to them is important rather than feeding them with what to do
  • Children Learn on their own. We don’t need to teach always. We need to patiently facilitate their learning.

Har Ghar Mein Genius : is  brought to you through  an innovative Model wherein a Home Based Multiple Skills Development Laboratory in your neighbourhood provides various Lifeskills development opportunities to the Kids through trained facilitators.

The Facilitators are enterprising and caring Mothers who provide the perfect ecosystem that encourages effective Learning. These Facilitators Known as Lifeskills Advisors are continuously trained and Groomed by a Panel of experienced Experts in the respective Domains to hand hold the children in their Journey of life.



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