Edu Walkers Lifeskills LLP- Formerly known as Brainsmaart Lifeskills LLP is a leading lifeskills development company working in the field of holistic lifeskills development. Edu Walkers is working with vision & mission to provide lifeskills coaching to individuals & families for their holistic development & peaceful progressive coexistence. Edu Walkers also caters to corporate Sector with respect to enhancing the human resources & increasing the productivity & satisfaction quotient of the employees.We at Edu Walkers believe that mere formal education or jobskill based education gives us abilities to live but falls short to give us life. The various lifeskills required to lead a healthy & successful life have been missing in the structured education system so far in India for over 10 decades. We all have realized this fact for years now but were clueless about the alternative or a solution. The wait is over. Edu Walkers comes to you with various lifeskills development solutions & services. Do spend some time on our website to know how our services can benefit you.


Our Vision is to help humans around the world to experience eternal happiness from a holistically developed personality & enable them to make a impactful contribution to the society.


To help every individual & the society to holistically grow by developing a multifaceted , multi-dimensional, vibrant & peaceful personality.


Our objective is to evolve as a dominant life skills development company servicing various aspects of lifeskills development for individuals across the globe, keeping in mind the interests & growth of all the stake holders.



Understanding yourself or the person you are dealing with is of paramount importance to be able to have a Progressive & Impactful Relationship. Be it Parenting , Partnering or a Corporate relationship. Every team is as Good as the team members & their unified synchronized Journey towards a common goal. Edu-walkers helps you in Exploring every personality you work with, Holistically Explore the Inborn or Hidden talents, Aquired intelligences & skills. Know compatible & noncompatible traits of his or her personality & align your approach accordingly to bring out the best of both of you Together.


Once you have Explored, We encourage you to Enrich yourself by building upon the strengths & improving on weaknesses to have a Impactful Life Together. Improve on the Attitudes, Skills & Abilities to ENRICH your Capabilities as an Individual as well as team through our various Personality Development programs catering to individuals as well as Teams. Realign your approach & work profiles to suit the strengths of your personality so that what you Deliver is the BEST & the one which you thoroughly enjoy delivering.


The Ultimate aim being to Evolve or help Evolve as a highly Successful & Satisfied Personality in your / his or her Journey of Life. A Personality that contributes substantially to the evolution of the family & the society. A Personality that the world admires & looks forward to. So Come & Evolve

Our Team

Avinash Deshmukh

Avinash Deshmukh

Founder & Managing Director
Vidya Bhate

Dr Vidya Bhate

Director Programs
Neerad Trivedi

Neerad Trivedi

Creative Head

Dr. Shobhana C. Abhyankar

Advisor to the Board
Dr. Dinesh Bhutada

Dr. Dinesh Bhutada

Ph.D.(Chemical Tech.) Career Guidance Counsellor
Dr. Meenal Bhide

Dr. Meenal Bhide

Alternative Therapist & Counsellor
Anisha Dani

Anisha Dani

Balukeshwar Agrawal

Balukeshwar Agrawal

Shweta Agrawal

Shweta Agrawal


We are on a mission to positively impact 1 Million lives in



Avatar- Woman

Neha Surve, Chiplun. June 2018

It was really a good opportunity to talk with you and know my weaknesses as well as my strengths. I really truly felt very cheered up by your session. Of course, I will definitely try my best to improve my weakness. Definitely, our next meet will be very interesting and very frank. Sir, you will definitely see many changes in me.

I was a supercalifragilistic expialidocious experience to talk with you.


Avatar- Woman

Suman Singh

Founder Director - Sumantrana Advisory Services

I am Suman Singh, Founder Director of Sumantrana Advisory Services, A HR & CSR Consulting Firm. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Mr. Avinash Deshmukh, and Edu Walkers, for using DMIA (Fingerprint analysis) technique for identifying the multiple intelligences and natural strengths and areas of development for an individual.

Being an HR professional, I was very curious about the effectiveness of this tool and therefore decided to experience it for myself and my family members. I must say all of us are delighted with the outcome and the accuracy of the report generated. Avinash was the icing on the cake with his balance counseling skills.

I strongly recommend Edu walkers and Avinash to all those who would like to get an accurate insight in their natural abilities or areas of development or look for people with desired abilities for the identified role in their organization for a better career or professional management.

I wish Edu walkers and Avinash Deshmukh the very best in their future endeavors.


Mr. Narendra Naukudkar


Thank you so much. I am very much happy, after completing this DMIA test and counseling with Madam. Yes, it is actually trust worthy. We are able to know our strong points and weaknesses. So it is very much easy to choose your career or decide what you want and how you want in your life. Madam has described me each and everything particularly. I am able to understand Career achievement & guidance, strong points. Your service is very good.

deepti (1)

Mrs. Dipti Sahasrabudhe


All 4 sessions are really very informative, Circle of security & DMT are new concepts introduced today. Every session focuses on how to handle children behaviors, understand it & provide solution by controlling your stress & keep family happy. The sessions helped in Understanding children’s behavior is critical manner to interact with them. Also learnt that one should be in right state of mind /De-stressed when with family. Controlling emotions & good bonding with kids was a major takeaway. Many more things thanks a lot “Edu Walkers” for a wonderful workshop.


Mr. Atul Sutar

Manager Cipla

I got clear understanding and views for my future. Be in touch for new concepts, skills development program also. First of all very much thankful to Mrs. Vidya Bhate & Mr Avinash Deshmukh Sir for creating/having such a platform for people which is really helpful to identify the skills in your child or within yourself also. It’s definitely scientific way of future guidance to all which will show direction for your life. Eduwalkers helps us to identify those hidden skills, inherent abilities which brighten your future. Thanks to Edu Walkers!!

Mr Shardul Kulkarni (1)

Mr. Shardul Kulkarni

MD, Fine –IT Solutions (India) PVT.LTD

Have you ever seen children reading blindfolded or identifying colors, shapes, objects and that too blindfolded? We are one of those lucky parents who have witnessed it with our child Hrishit. This transformation took place in just couple of unbelievable, but is a real fact. This brain stimulation workshop by Eduwalkers is a great start for stimulating right brain and to train it for better performance in all activities a child does. We are seeing the positive behavioral changes and now hope to have good exam time without any fights! We thank Avinash Sir and Edu Walkers for this program. His knowledge and the passion towards working with the children for their improvement are amazing. We wish them good luck for the great work they have undertaken for the bright future of the country!

Bhakti Shah Sapke

Bhakti Shah Sapke

Director, ISAS international Beauty School

Dear Avinash Deshmukh ,I Mrs. Bhakti Sapke, Founder/Director of ISAS International Beauty School and also proud parent of Jui Sapke and Kartik Sapke would like to thank Edu walkers for acquainting us with the immense potential our kids have and helping us discover a very unique side of theirs. Both of my kids attended Brain Stimulation workshop & turned out to be very good skill development. I see very good changes in them and it has majorly helped my son Kartik to improve his concentration in any kind of work that he does. Usually he is hyper active child but workshop has added a lot benefit to his behavior and skills. My daughter is getting from better to best in her own ways. Short of words to express how important this is every parent to discover such a unique quality of child which they already have but is unexplored. Thanks to you and your team for this wonderful and amazing workshop they conducted which is indirectly helping kids in multi ways. I strongly recommended Edu walkers to every parent to give a try once at least and see not only for workshop but also the DMIA test they do which helps in channelizing the future of our child with its own ability. A big thank you once again to Edu Walkers and its team for this wonderful journey we have started with them and shall continue for long year as follow up

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