Bach Flower Therapy - A Gentle Healer
Bach flower therapy

“OMG its 10 am and still you haven’t brushed teeth, just lying down …so lazy”

“Doctor, my son is 12 now but still can’t enter the room alone if there is darkness. I am fed up of his tantrums”. Since the birth of my second child, my elder one has become very possessive of me and demands attention”.Are these dialogues familiar to you? If yes, then with the help of Bach flower therapy you can get desired results related to any problem of your kid be it emotional, physical or behavioral. It is one of the effective alternative therapies offering complete gentle, long-lasting cure.

Bach Flower Therapy comprises of 38 flower remedies where the extract of certain medicinal flowers is used for healing.  Usually, a combination of 4-5 medicines is given to individuals to be taken orally for desired effects. The 39th remedy is a combination of 5 medicines and this one does miracles as far as any emotional or physical complaint is concerned and gives immediate relief.Dr. Edward Bach (U.K.) who was a homeopath, bacteriologist, and spiritual writer discovered this system of medicine. It is based on a basic characteristic or the personality of a person hence this has an individualistic approach as far as treatment is concerned.

Salient features of this therapy :

  1. Suited to all age groups
  2. No known side effects
  3. Can be taken along with the other system of medicines like (Allopathy, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda)
  4. Can be used for following complaints in children
    -  any type of fear (eg. fear of darkness, stage fright, exam fear)
    -  lack of confidence
    -  nocturnal enuresis(bed wetting)
    -  slow learning
    -  sibling jealousy
    - temper tantrums etc
  1. In adults, this can be used for
    - any psychosomatic disorder
    - insomnia
    - depression
    - recurrent infections
    - skin diseases

Bach Flower Therapy is a natural way to restore inner harmony and wellness. For an effective treatment, it is advisable to consult a certified Bach Flower Therapist!

Dr. Meenal Bhide

Homeopath & Certified Bach Flower Therapist


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