Dipti Sahasrabudhe

Parenting is a skill that we have to develop

by Dipti Sahasrabudhe

It is important to understand how to develop strong bond with your kids. Parenting is game of emotions. Expressing emotions in right way is becoming more challenging for us in today’s world. Misunderstanding or wrong interpretation about anybody is very common. Now question arises how should we understand our children better and guide them in right direction so that they can become successful in life.

Edu Walker is KEY to all LOCKS. They help you in your journey of parenting. Few services offered by the company which I found beneficial are as follows:

1. DMIA – Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis

It is scientific study of fingerprints with accurate understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences as well as his innate potential capabilities & personality. This can help us decide between multiple choices available in different fields such as education, hobbies, sports, art, music, career options & more.

2. ENSURE: Whole Brain Stimulation -it is Transformational learning Methodology

Any child between 6 to 15 can do it. It regulates the left & right brain functions, thereby impacting the brain’s processing power & learning capacity. Kids Concentration improves, more stable holistic personality develops, TV/mobile addiction may reduce and many more positive changes in our child can be seen.

3. Multiple Skills Development-  Over 500 different activities children get to perform which can improve/develop their multiple intelligence.

4. Compass –  It is crucial to choose right branch/profession course at right time. So you can enjoy your work and become happy and satisfied when you choose right career through aptitude testing. Compass ensures MOST appropriate career for you which will be a product of your Inborn & Acquired Abilities & Interest based on a thorough scanning & weighing of all the available options worldwide.

5. Behavioral Counseling-  Edu Walkers also provides behavioral counseling. Also conducts positive parenting workshops and share new techniques, avenues to explore in our parenting journey.

I truly feel “Edu Walker” is such a Friend who will guide you, teach you and spread happiness in your family