Jui Sapke
Youngest Hair Stylist of India


“Of course leaders are born, then they are made” Jui Sapke is a leading example proving this saying right. Gifted since birth she knows her vision clear and upright.

Her journey as a hairstylist in making started when she performed her first haircut at the age of three. Hardly did she know that she, a young tomboy was blessed with an artistic craft. Although she was against anything girly at this age, during summer vacations she would accompany her immensely talented mother Ms. Bhakti Shah Sapke to her beauty institute ISAS. She would sit in awe as she watched the stylist entwine hair between their fingers as they curled, cut, colored, and created styles that seemed to change the overall look and personality of the person.

In the beginning the faculty would give her dummies to play with but they were amazed to see her spend hours recreating looks on dummies. Following this, her mother enrolled her in a formal learning course to let her live out her inspirations on long and short tresses, and as the years went by, her passion for hair only grew. She picked up the craft so well that her participation in AIHBA Central India Awards made her win a special medallion prize as well as a cash prize, and ofcourse this was not over the appreciation she received from industry’s well known artists for being the tiniest hairstylist creating terrific hairstyles.

As rightly said “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”, a mother is certainly your first and best teacher. “Seeing my mother working firm and efficiently to train so many beauty aspirants like me has given me a vision to turn my passion into a career, my mother is my biggest inspiration” Jui says when asked about her career goals.

Jui even participated in several styling competitions, fashion shows and many more as she is drawn to the artistic freedom and challenge! Thermal Settings and up do’s are a matter of a blink for her.

Unlike children of her age, she is already focused and clear about her career goals from such an early stage, other than continuously updated herself on new course and knowledge related to hair styling, Jui is an equally good performer in academics and extracurricular activities, she is an expressive painter who has done her school proud at state level and already a gold medalist in gymnastics.

In the next 5 years, she wants to be seen as one of the best hairstylists and she is working hard for it. She also aims to represent India and win a medal at the OMC cup and the world skills competition in years to come.

We wish her best for all her endeavors. Keep doing us proud little Jui!

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