Shriyans Kumbhare
Amateur Photographer

Shriyans Kumbhare SOD

Shriyans Kumbhare is a 10 years old boy studying in class V and people around him including his friends know him as one who is more approachable and shows a gregarious smile.

His love for photography and penchant for this creative art was witnessed by his parents when he captured some of the best shots with their Nikon camera, COOLPIX P520, a non DSLR camera when he was just 5 years old. They found him to have the ability to capture emotions and freeze movements often surprising others.

Shriyans loves to capture images of man-made structures, moments of nature that includes different colors and shades of sky, moon and sun with changing time. He has the flair to identify nuances of light, shapes, colors, textures, people, buildings, trees, flowers etc that enables him to notice details and see the beauty sharing a different perspective.

He keeps experimenting and tries his hands on with various functions, modes, and features even on a smartphone. He is ready to shoot anything anytime and enjoys the process.

He is often given the onus of being a special photographer during family functions and gatherings to click the snaps albeit on a smaller scale. He loves to take the responsibility with open arms and delivers the desired quality effortlessly making others happy. But he himself is shy and chooses not to come in front of the camera and rarely get his photo clicked.

In his free time, Shriyans is often seen experimenting with his strokes on his drawing book to be filled with oil base colors or even with normal color pencils. He has interest in science especially space and universe including planets, moons, stars, and galaxies. Shriyans loves to read related articles and wants to be a fighter pilot when he grows up.

Shriyans has also attended brain stimulation workshop at EduWalkers in the recent past and has displayed amazing skills of fast reading blindfolded. We wish him best of luck in his future endeavors and much more to achieve. Way to go Shriyans.

Shriyans Kumbhare's Best Shot

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