Har Ghar Mein Genius : Franchisee Centre-

An opportunity to Join hands with EDU WALKERS to bring a change in Educational ecosystem in the country to Groom  the youngsters to lead the World Tomorrow. 

Lifeskills Development Industry – currently albeit in its nascent stage and largely unorganized in nature has tremendous potential to grow in an organized manner.

The formal education structure hasn’t been upto the mark in last few decades to groom the children with all the necessary Lifeskills required for happy and successful life.

Besides, the gradual fall of Joint family institution has further aggravated the problem for the parents in terms of Grooming their kids effectively in areas of Lifeskills.

This has forced/encouraged parents to continuously look for alternative sources of Ability/skills development in their kids.

India Being one of the Youngest countries across the globe also means that India will be requiring Lifeskills Development services most for the next generation coming from the population of 1.3 Billion.

Edu Walkers A leading Lifeskills Development company in the country brings an opportunity for you to tap into this Huge Potential and serve the society in the Noble Work.

Eduwalkers : Har Ghar Mein Genius: Franchisee Centre is an entity that has an existing setup of a Preschool or classes or any other educational activity where the entity has an existing Clientele in the Target Market of Edu Walkers.

An activity Business space of approx 500-700 Sqft to be available in an area surrounded by Residential Premises.

Willing to Add Services of Edu walkers in his business Portfolio.

The premises will be Branded as Har Ghar Mein Genius : Franchisee Centre

where the business is expected from the area with the help of a Network of home based Multiple Skills Development Centres conducted by Life Skills Advisors.

Edu Walkers Lifeskills LLP has following 7 Services that will be offered through the Franchisee centre

  1. Personality profiling using : DMIA / Psychometric Evaluation Tools
  2. Whole Brain Stimulation programme
  3. Multiple Skills Development Programme
  4. Comprehensive Career coaching Service
  5. Parenting Support service
  6. Behavioral Counseling Service

Har Ghar Mein Genius : Franchisee Centre will offer these services by promoting and soliciting business through existing and new clients.

Excellent Business opportunity with assured Return of Investment within 13 months . A respectable and satisfying Opportunity to make a contribution to the growth of  our nation and society. Edu walkers will provide full support through its Team which Includes,

  • Proven Track Record 
  • Training and Development
  • Brand support 
  • Advertisement and Marketing Support 
  • Various innovative Programmes and  Resources.
  • Business Development Support and MIS support.

Requirement :

  • The Person / Entity has to be passionate about development of Children
  • Entities having existing activity / business that provides developmental services to Children for eg : Schools / Pre-schools / activity centres etc. 
  • Should be able to provide approx 500 Sqft Space for conducting Skills Development Course/batches and counseling sessions . This Need not be dedicated and existing space can be used on timesharing basis
  • Clearly Visible External Space for Installing the Brand Display.
  • Approx 25-30 sqft of wall space for Interior Branding
  • Investment capacity of approx 8 -10 Lac .