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Avinash Deshmukh, Founder

Why Do You Need Us?


Lack of sustained attention / concentration ... undesired eating habits, addiction to TV / mobile / gadgets , weakness in certain subjects , inability to adjust to unfamiliar or unwanted situations, Not listening to Parents ...these and many other symptoms which come across as a cause of concern to many parents now a days..... its better we understand the facts that trigger such behaviour.

We as parents provide better standard of living, schooling and extracurricular activities to our children but lack qualitative time & healthy communication. Hence, invariably we might lag on knowing about their varied intelligences, strengths & weaknesses. Everyone has some inborn talents but the task is to identify that!

At Edu Walkers our unique counselling & coaching service aims to foster better understanding between parents & kids.

Tools Like DMIA, Whole Brain Stimulation and Multiple Skills Development helps parents;

  • In understanding the kids factually rather than perception based,
  • Help kids dive into the immense potential of their brain and discover the ability to use the whole brain (right and left together) to maximum benefits.
  • Discover learn and improve, Logical , Analytical , Creative and Out of the box thinking. Improve Intra and Interpersonal abilities, improve Observation and Spatial Skills, Memory and lot more

There are 30000 careers across the globe ...which one is best for me? this is the million dollar question. Career decision is one of the most important task in this age. What bothers the youngsters in this age group is a considerable confusion about future while they battle with their academics, peer pressure, parental expectations, their own dreams and uncertainty about their own thoughts.

Through a team of trained Counselors and trainers , Edu Walkers offers solutions like comprehensive career guidance through correct mapping of abilities and interests , skills building courses , employability assessment and training additionally our counselors come in handy for teenagers when counselors talk to their parents / grand parents and counsel them if required to do so.

In our busy schedule, it is getting harder to connect with children. Children from childhood to adolescence are literally bombarded with technical advances & exposed to many things.  mobiles, laptops & television become their mates especially in nuclear families. Behavioural, attention and concentration are most commonly observed problems in children nowadays. EduWalkers offers Counseling/coaching / Training services for children as well as parents. Trained counselors handle issues at child’s and parental level. Modulated ‘Positive Parenting Workshops’ are also arranged for parents which cover various aspects of Parenting.

The Personality Evaluation service is also available for adults which give an understanding of a person's multiple intelligence as well as his innate potential & personality thereby fostering relationship between 2 adults based on factual understanding rather than perceptions.

Convert your place into a Lifeskills Development Centre

If you own a preschool/ activity centre, we can help you add more value to your business. Start a Edu Walkers: Lifeskills Development Centre at your place in addition to your current activities. We will help you start 7 more services in education sector with a professional support and hand-holding! India being one of the youngest countries across the globe also means that India will be requiring Lifeskills Development services most for the next generation coming from the population of 1.3 Billion.

A Smart Lab for your School!

Laboratories are the best sources to provide opportunity to students to try various permutation and combinations , do experimentation , learn concept from the experiments , derive results , get clarifications for doubts , remain focused on learning topics in short span of time , analyze results , do in depth observations , take note of observations .All these strong benefits of Laboratory inspired Edu Walkers to come up with Skills Development Laboratory – THE EDUSMART LAB . Install EDUSMART LAB in your school and give your students an opportunity to develop various Practical LifeSkills such as thinking, social and emotional skills. EDUSMART LAB will give a sharp edge to the students of your school... the leading and cutting edge.

Additionally Schools / Educational Institutes need our services like Psychometric Assessment of their students to enable effective training , Teachers Training , Parents Training.

Our Employability Services

At Edu Walkers Lifeskills LLP we are into employability assessment of the employees for Organizations .. Our approach is customized to connect the uniqueness of every organization to a similarly unique talent pool in the society.

What is our employability service? 

We use a process and products that measures a person’s Multiple Intelligences, Scholastic Intelligence, Personality, Workplace Aptitudes, Interests and Learning styles to find out his ability to be successful in a particular job. We also use our in-house battery of evaluations customized with your own -for hiring fresher’s and experienced prospects. Our solution is to simplify the task of finding the right person for the right job–saving significant time and money for the organization.

Additionally we conduct Customized Trainings for Employees

Why choose us

We’re Techno Savvy

Our Service to you is definitely propelled by considerable & apt use of technology to provide you what you are looking for many times at your doorstep.

We’re Professional

We are a thorough professional set up. Our service delivery is constantly worked upon & improved to meet the highest professional & ethical standards in the world.

We’re Pioneers

We are a pioneers in providing comprehensive lifeskills development services under one single roof. we unlike others, make available for you a comprehensive basket of lifeskills services delivered by experts in the domain.

We’re Competent

Apart from having an in-house expertise on various services we also have joined hands with experts & experienced professionals across various sub-domains & hence what comes to you in terms of service is a product of thorough understanding of the subject with proven track record of the implementation.

We’re Value for Money

You buy a great value for money you spend when you come to us… We are sensitive we are human.. smile on your face is guaranteed when you come to us.

We’re Impactful

We are with you till you get results, hence what you experience with us is not mere transaction but a clearly measurable service delivery that gives you what you are looking for & more.